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  • ECOVAT benefits from the energy transition initiated in the Netherlands;
  • Berenschot predicts that the ECOVAT method will yield substantial savings compared to other sustainable alternatives;
  • ECOVAT ready for rapid growth: profit and turnover increased in 2018;
  • ECOVAT: five concrete projects in Arnhem, Heerlen, The Hague, Panningen and Belgium.

The Veghel company ECOVAT, which has developed an intelligent energy storage system that is 100% sustainable and with which 500 to 2500 houses per buffer tank can be supplied with heat, issues a maximum of € 2.3 million worth of share certificates through the NPEX stock exchange.

With the proceeds from the issue of share certificates, ECOVAT finances the expected growth of the company, the working capital of the company is strengthened and the purchase of a hoisting frame is financed.

The company, founded by CEO Aris de Groot, benefits from the energy transition that the Netherlands will undergo in the coming decades. Millions of homes that are now traditionally heated with fossil fuels can be heated in a different way. The ECOVAT method, with which the heat is stored in a buffer tank of at least 30 meters deep and with a diameter of at least 30 meters, provides heating or cooling for houses, depending on the season (winter or summer period).

In addition, research agency Berenschot has calculated that the ECOVAT method offers important cost advantages over other sustainable alternatives that, for example, require that heat pumps are installed in every house.

Entrepreneur Aris de Groot B.Eng. expects certificate holders to benefit from the potential that ECOVAT has and that value will be created in the coming years.

In 2018 the company achieved a turnover of € 4 million and a profit of more than € 1 million. Preparations are currently being made for the start of the construction of an ECOVAT in Het Dorp near Arnhem and there are projects under way in Heerlen, The Hague, Panningen, IJmuiden and Belgium.The share certificates will be tradeable via the trading system of the NPEX stock exchange. You can register from 12 April.

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