Ever since I started modelling a hybrid car 15 years ago, energy storage has been one of my interests.

At first, I conducted research into the many different possibilities and applications of storage, after which I helped set up a U.S.-based consultancy group focused on the application of and business models for energy storage. In my experience, a large number of stakeholders needs to be involved to achieve successful commercial application of energy storage systems. As board member at ESA, I witnessed the first commercial roll-out of large-scale lithium-ion systems and have seen the market develop since.

My experience in the U.S. spelled out the relevance of connecting different European stakeholders for the development of a European market. Based on my experience at ESA, I co-founded the European organisation EASE, where I remain involved as board member. In the Netherlands, all pertinent stakeholders have been united in Energy Storage NL, which further enhances the sector’s competitive power.

Energy storage opportunities abound, especially in combination with far-reaching electrification (EVs, heat pumps) and an increasingly sustainable society (PV, wind). To achieve this, close cooperation and knowledge exchange are essential.