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Petroleumhavenweg 44 | Haven 3108 3196 KD, Rotterdam (Vondelingenplaat) The Netherlands
Netherlands Asset Operations Country Manager:
Alan van Ballegooijen

Castleton Commodities International (CCI) is a leading global energy commodities merchant and infrastructure asset investor. As a trader, CCI deploys capital on a proprietary basis in the physical and financial commodity markets, providing the Company with market insights and access. As a strategic investor and developer, CCI leverages its market expertise, operations capabilities, and industry knowledge to invest in, and develop, select commodity infrastructure assets.

CCI’s principal investing platform enables us to efficiently express long-term investment ideas, pursue opportunities with scale, and create value by taking an active role in optimizing and improving the physical operations of commodity assets. These asset investments allow us to capitalize on opportunities that are not available in the traded markets.

Our power generation assets complement our trading activities by allowing CCI to express long-duration research theses in otherwise illiquid markets. CCI has extensive experience optimizing and operating power plants in North America and Europe. In Europe, CCI owns natural gas-fired power generation assets in the Netherlands (860MW) and Spain (786MW).

 To expand CCI’s portfolio and to contribute to the energy transition and decarbonisation initiative in Europe, CCI is actively searching for partnerships and co-investment opportunities in new investment including in energy storage and hydrogen projects, as well as for ways to optimize our existing assets to enhance efficiency and contribution to the decarbonisation challenge.