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Contact persoon:
Andrea Terbijhe [email protected]

FotoSmartGrid_BeeldbankCSWhat we do

ACRRES is a partnership between Lelystad research institutes Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving (Applied Plant Research division) and Animal Sciences Group, both part of Wageningen UR. Both the province of Flevoland and the city of Lelystad support the initiative.

For companies and institutions interested in cleantech technology, biobased economy, renewable energy and green commodities, ACRRES is interesting as an innovative partner, for inspiration and as a central meeting place.

ACRRES is currently carrying out projects in the field of renewable energy (based on solar, wind and biomass) and researching the potential applications of renewable resources and for recycling.

We do this by:

  • Experimentation: Together with (new) partners we conduct applied research, developing prototypes to improve cost effective ways of sustainable energy production and the use of biomass.
  • Testing: We offer businesses space as a test location for their prototypes (processes, machines, equipment, devices).
  • Demonstrate: The site in Lelystad provides ample opportunities for carrying out demonstrations to bring current and future potentials of renewable energy and green resources into the limelight.
  • Learning: By concentrating activities, ACRRES provides an excellent learning environment (internships, assignments) and information point for (groups of) students.

We welcome partnerships – with companies, governmental organisations and research organisations – and new ideas to raise the sustainability of alternative forms of energy to a higher level and thus realising environmental innovations.

For businesses, cooperation with ACRRES offers a favourable environment for innovation and the availability of a wide range of facilities, speeding up the process of making production methods more profitable and sustainable.