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With transformer substations, energy storage solutions, charge points for electric vehicles and a large portfolio of other products used to distribute energy, Alfen takes on a central role and is a connecting partner in the international electricity grid. The transformer substations delivered by Alfen supply millions of households and companies with energy, while the charge points recharge thousands of electric vehicles every single day.

The possibility and capacity to store electric energy will come to play a crucial role in our energy supply over the coming years. As an increasing number of companies and consumers generate renewable energy, while more people also opt for electric vehicles, the demands on the power grid change and become even more unpredictable. With Alfen's Energy Storage, these peaks and troughs can be absorbed, thus eliminating the requirement to make significant investments in both the power grid and its connections. Alfen Energy Storage is also an excellent choice for energy trading and realizing autonomous electricity grids in combination with for instance solar or wind energy.

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