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The story behind our company

In almost 90 years we’ve established Centurion as a battery manufacturer with a great brand awareness within the European market. This is due to our enormous amount of know-how in combination with our years of experience. We strive for optimal customer satisfaction and find it very important that we make them feel as if they made the right choice by choosing one of our products. To introduce you to our company, we’ve develop 4 targets which empathize our qualities as a manufacturer and also tell the story behind our company:


We value Corporate Social Responsibility

As Centurion we contribute, like everyone else, the responsibility for social problems such as air pollution, climate change, aging and working conditions. In the field of CSR we narrowly follow the ISO 26000 guiding line. This guide is meant to help organizations by implementing corporate social responsibility within their businesses. We describe how we implicate CSR within our specific business in the basis of the following 3 concepts: People, Planet and Profit. If you would like to read more about these we recommend to visit our website.



Our batteries are 98% recyclable

The import, production and sales of batteries is a pretty complex process and there are many guiding lines to follow. As a manufacturer it’s our duty to be involved in a safe and responsible manner. We are constantly busy with the sustainability of our company in general as well as the production of our high quality start- and semi-traction batteries. For example we’ve introduced the X-TENDER Solar battery.


We are the only Dutch battery manufacturer

Centurion Battery wants to break through the traditional chain. We want to offer the possibility to deliver directly to our consumers. We are the manufacturer and nobody knows our products better than we do. Therefore we are able to give our consumers an optimal advise and information about our products as well as our market. The market we operate in is, in our opinion, not completely honest and transparent and because of that, we’ve chosen to build an informative website which will give our consumers a better and more concrete image of the market.


We are honest and transparent

Transparency and honesty also come together with a piece of vulnerability. Vulnerability in which we show that entrepreneurship, time after time, is a matter of falling and getting up again. We can’t change our past, so we’ve chosen to pull through and in an open and honest way focus on a new and brighter future of our company. We want to create a community where we would like to take our consumers with us in our trip of growth. We want our consumers to contribute within important business decisions, because they are the core of success of our company.