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Xavier van der Putten [email protected]

EECT BV is an independent and leading technology partner with the main purpose to offer technologically advanced equipment and energy systems.

Operating together with a global network of unique industrial players, we provide the latest state-of-the-art proven technologies and processes.

Our value is in the ability to have chosen excellent partners with extensive know-how which guarantee the commercial reliability requirements and the product quality, in perfect harmony with the environmental principles that have always inspired us.

The partnership established between some important companies in the sector and EECT Turbomachinery BV allowed to join each other's experience and expertise, gained in commissioning of projects and in the design and construction of equipment and energy systems, creating a high-quality operating team, to propose to the technological innovation and realize energy savings in respect of the environment.

At this stage EECT BV is mainly focusing to promote the EnergyNest AS technology across Europe for storing high temperature heat (TES) in the Industry.

Our devices are now available in a variety of industrial applications ranging from chemical industries, refineries, steel factories, glass and ceramics, paper industry, utilities, high temperature food industry, etc. and other industrial processes having an intermittent sequence ranging from several hours to several weeks.

We have combined our strengths and our expertise, to make a team able to solve the various problems in the field of energy and energy conservation.