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Together with customers and partners, Eneco is developing affordable solutions that save energy costs and enable people to generate their own energy. With the brand promise ‘Welcome to the new world,’ Eneco is making the technology of tomorrow available to everybody today. Innovative examples include Eneco HeatWinner®, Zonnehub from Eneco™ and CrowdNett.

Eneco is responsible for generating and supplying sustainable energy that comes from wind, heat, biomass, and solar farms. It does not build assets and infrastructure for itself but for or together with customers.

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation collaborate for energy storage
Together with Mitsubishi Corporation, Eneco developed Europe's largest battery under the name EnspireME. EnspireME has a capacity of 48 MW and contains around 10,000 lithium-ion batteries, which is sufficient to store power for some 5,300 German households for a period of 24 hours. Initially, the battery will be used for the primary reserve market, where European grid operators purchase the reserve capacity they require to guarantee the 50 Hertz frequency on the grid. The battery can take over the role of primary reserve provider from coal and gas fired plants and, thus, contribute to further improvement of the sustainability of the energy system.

Investigation storage local wind energy
With the support of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation are also investigating possibilities to connect local wind farms to the battery. In the event of overproduction by local wind farms or an overload on the grid, the wind energy can temporarily be stored in a part of the battery. This can prevent the situation in which wind turbine owners are requested by the grid operator to switch off their wind turbines.


Take a look at the animation, in which the role of the battery system is explained in more detail.