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EnergyStock provides unique fast-cycle gas storage services giving customers the flexibility they require for portfolio management and trading. Injection and withdrawal capacity is available 24/7 throughout the year. EnergyStock achieves high injection and withdrawal rates per hour, one of the highest turnover rates in the world and a switch time between injection and withdrawal of under 15 minutes. Its facility is located in the north of the Netherlands and is connected to the reliable Dutch gas transmission network, in the heart of the TTF-market. Gas is stored in five salt caverns at a depth between 1,000 and 1,500 metres whose gas volume ranges from 5,000 MWh  to 10,000 MWh.

Traditional energy companies and new entrants are embracing renewables and supply and demand are decentralizing at an accelerating pace. In addition, new independent energy companies and private initiatives are entering the market and platforms for gas trading are growing. Meanwhile, geopolitical issues put security of supply under pressure, while our domestic production, especially the Groningen field, is decreasing. EnergyStock believes that these changes call for increasingly flexible energy storage; flexibility will become a stand-alone product with its own liquid market.