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's Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
Business Development Manager Energy Storage:
Ed van Dalen +316 1370 4727

International family business

With a heart for electrical engineering

Hager was founded in 1955 in the Franco-German Elsas by the two brothers Hermann and Oswald Hager. The main focus was – and still is – the development of technical solutions that enable installation professionals to do their job even better. The customer and the end customer are central to everything Hager has been doing for over 65 years. The Hager Group now has 11,500 employees and 24 production locations around the world. This way Hager is always close to you.

Hager focuses on energy distribution solutions in a wide variety of buildings, including homes. The well-known palette of products with which Hager is a fixed value in Dutch residential construction will be completed this year with an all-in-one home battery system under the name Power Station. This system, designed in Germany and largely produced, has been used successfully (more than 40,000 times) in the German market under the name E3/DC for years.

Power Station
Targeting the high-end residential market, the Home Power Station is much more than just a modular storage system of up to 38kWh. A 15 kWp PV inverter has been integrated, eliminating the need for a separate hybrid inverter. It is also capable of charging the internal batteries with high efficiency DC-DC. In addition, the Power Station is a 3-phase system that is also capable of providing island operation or emergency power. With the help of the connected PV and, if necessary, only the batteries, 9 kW of emergency power is available, even if the grid connection is lost. Of course, the EV is not forgotten and a (bi-directional) charging option for 2 cars is available that is actively regulated according to the availability of energy. All this is controlled by an energy management system that provides the end user with direct insight into the energy flows through an App and actively adjusts these flows as desired.

Hager and Energy Storage NL
Hager is convinced that a whole range of storage and distribution solutions will be needed to successfully overcome the upcoming Energy Transition and congestion problems. This requires cooperation between parties and connections between the various solutions. This is the ESNL platform for us to the fullest. Our systems are able to communicate with each other and with a district storage facility and intervene at microgrid level where necessary. These are pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together and to which Hager has committed itself.


note: this text has been automatically translated from Dutch.