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HoCoSto’s Thermal Energy Storage is ‘missing link’ in sustainable heating and cooling.

HoCoSto BV engineered and patented an innovative storage. Challenge was to find a sustainable and affordable solution for (Seasonal) Thermal Energy Storage. The (S)TES is a pit storage with an internal mechanical construction. Advantage of this way of building is that the storage can be placed under a parking lot, field or garden without loss of functionality of the area. Due to the lean concept the storage is build and operational within one week.

The HoCoSto (S)TES is scalable, dimensions can be adjusted to the amount of requested sensible heat.  In a system with heatpipes or industrial heat as a source it can serve a home, group of houses, building, school, green house, or sports accommodation. No additional natural gas is needed. In a local ‘smart grid’ the STES is highly efficient. But it can also be part of a district heating system.

Combined with a dedicated heat pump the (S)TES is the core of a smart system for active cooling, passive heating.