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Indutecc Renewable Solutions offers concepts to responsibly meet a growing need for sustainable solutions. We do this exclusively with top products from manufacturers who share our philosophy. As a pioneer in a new market, we must be able to rely 100% on the products we market. We are importer of Nilar industrial batteries, Ferroamp DC systems and Enequi all-in-one battery/PV/EV systems. Through strong product-market combinations we offer within our portfolio concepts which together can offer a total or partial solution. We do this for sustainable energy concepts within utility, residential and industrial environments.

For energy storage systems we offer various solutions; from plug & play home batteries to large-scale energy storage systems. With Nilar we have a unique battery in house which, thanks to the patented NiMH concept, is the safest and most environmentally friendly battery on the market. It has no transport restrictions, is 100% maintenance free and fully recyclable. Due to its robust industrial construction, it is extremely suitable for the growing demand for large storage systems within applications such as overcapacity storage of solar and wind energy, peak-shaving, time shifting, energy trading and neighbourhood batteries. We advise, engineer and supply custom-made solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

With Ferroamp DC systems we offer a total concept with project specific solutions. We combine solar power with energy storage and EV charging from a DC backbone. Solar power from the DC directly to batteries without inefficient DC-AC conversions.