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KuneVerda Sustainable Solutions

KuneVerda is best described as a 'sustainability integrator'. With a variety of innovative techniques, KuneVerda provides the optimal sustainable solution for municipalities, companies and sports accommodations.

A sustainable solution consists of more than just putting a number of solar panels on your roof. At KuneVerda we start with an inventory of the power consumption (heat and electricity) and a study of the operational- and environmental conditions. Based on this study, the quick scan, we offer the optimal solution for your company, building or facility; always based on a solid business case.

After the study KuneVerda, together with specialist partners, can provide the complete implementation and commission of the suggested solution.


KuneVerda provides an all-in solution which goes much further than just putting solar panels on your roof. After a pre-scan we, in close cooperation with the customer, define a comprehensive combination of techniques to optimize energy-management as well as the associated business-case.