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Xavier van der Putten +31 (0) 6 2422 1806

Energy Storage Solutions offers innovative proprietary Redox-Flow-Battery storage/power systems from 10 kW to multi MW continuous power output and 10 to multi MWh storage capacity.

Our systems are used for decentralized storage of renewable energy sources (solar, wind) and decentralized energy distribution (swarm solutions) for use in commercial energy storage applications. The extreme cycle stability and associated long life benefits of our systems compared to traditional batteries allow for special applications like

High power – Normal response time:
Secondary reserve market applications where the Redox Flow Batteries in hybrid systems cover the seconds to minutes part.

High power – Fast response time:
Primary reserve market applications (and UPS / Emergency storage applications) where the Redox Flow Batteries cover the power needed from milliseconds to minutes.

High power – Low capacity:
Systems targeting fast charge / discharge applications with high cycle numbers for automotive or marine

The Energy Storage Solutions high-quality products are:

  • In-house manufactured innovative Redox Flow Battery Stacks
  • Large energy storage systems (>100 kW to multi MW containerized solutions) tailormade to the customer requirements

Standard ‘off-the shelf’ battery systems