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Energy Storage Specialist:
Rob den Exter 06-41258114

StoredEnergy wins Innovation Award

Since 2015 StoredEnergy provides advice for sustainable energy storage. We are also available as a consultancy and project developer in the field of sustainable energy storage for businesses, governments, wind and solar farms and investors. We are independent experts with access to all storage technologies, including: lithium-ion, hydrogen, flowbatteries, saltwater batteries and second life batteries. Our services include:


  • Feasibility research
  • Quick Scan
  • Test setups
  • Market analysis
  • Tendering
  • Purchase guidance
  • Laws and regulation
  • Safety standards
  • Education

Project development:

  • Site analysis
  • System selection & RFP
  • Technical design
  • Partner selection
  • Business cases
  • Funding
  • Installation & EPC
  • Exploitation
  • After sales service