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WattInStore (WIS) is a project developer in energy storage projects with its roots in the PV market. By being active in the solar market for many years, we have closely monitored the growing problem of congestion and the need for solutions in order to further shape the energy transition. We do this by being able to realize more PV power output through our solutions and increase the direct self-consumption of generated power.

We consider ourself as the spider in the web. Over the years, we have built up a network that covers all aspects to realize a storage project. We are flexible and our independent position with regards to manufacturers allows us to obtain competitive prices from the market for our clients, but it is equally important that we can move along with the most efficient and / or suitable storage technology in every situation (e.g. salt water , zinc, etc. in addition to the current standard lithium).

That's where we make the difference, we unburden our client from start to finish. We calculate the optimal battery pack, based on your wishes, in a combination of PV revenues, grid capacity, investment and income. On the one hand, we focus on mid-range storage solutions (10 kW to 500 kW) through standardized and quickly available products. On the other hand, we are also involved in the development of large-scale storage projects (> 500 kW). Finally, we use our expertise to compile business cases. We are happy to discuss with you the possibilities of realizing energy storage at your location.