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I recently heard a story about the change in company policy at a Scottish brewery. The old policy was for the entire crew of the brewery to start the working day with a 30 minutes swim in the cold ocean, than they would yell for 10 minutes in Kelt language .

In line of todays fashion to be nice with each other, they changed their habits. Now they form a big circle and tell each other how much they love each other and thereafter they have a joint breakfast with spelt biscuit and lama milk.

At Windlife, we still prefer to do the ocean swimming. We firmly believe in (a) having a good time, (b) respect other people, (c) look for wind and (d) realize our dreams.


Renewable power to the people

Windlife develops, invests in and installs onshore wind farms that produce maximum yield for all stake holders.

That’s why its staff is keen to come up with “out-of-the-box” solutions, where possible combining power generation, storing and distribution and using cutting edge technology. In this way the company is able to create value from single turbines up till large-scale wind parks.

The basis of the success of the company is wind – wind and wind again. Sufficient wind on any location in the end decides profitability.  Wind creates yield, yield creates high IRR numbers and high returns create healthy companies. The climate change and economics are our main drivers.