Networker for energy storage

Energy Storage NL is the connector, matchmaker and promoter of Dutch companies and organizations that develop, produce and apply innovative energy storage and conversion technologies. From heat storage to batteries, from flywheels to ammonia storage and from hydrogen to green gas; all forms of storage are represented.

energy storage NL
energy storage NL

We do this by


Bringing together

Bringing together on a regular basis a high quality network of manufacturers, project developers, research institutes, (energy) companies, financial institutions and grid operators in the field of energy storage and conversion during various (online) meetings, member meetings, trade fairs and other events, nationally and internationally.

Facilitating, organizing and promoting

Facilitating taksforce in which participants can engage with each other. Organizing webinars in which a stage is provided for members and map and actively promote the knowledge, products and services of the participants, for example through the project map.

Maintaining Partnerships

Maintaining national and international partnerships, including through regular contact with key stakeholders and our membership with the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE).

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Networking platform for energy storage

An important networking moment takes place at the Vakbeurs Energie. Here we are annually present with our participants at the Energy Storage NL pavilion. Interested in participating in the pavilion at the next edition? Send an email to [email protected].

In addition to this exhibition, we regularly keep our participants informed of networking opportunities at various conferences, national and international exhibitions and working sessions with public and private stakeholders. Energy Storage NL is also involved as an organizer or speaker at events.

energy storage NL
Energie opslag

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the working groups or ESNL as a networking platform? Browse this website or ask for information via the contact form or an email to [email protected].

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