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Battolyser Systems announced today that the first industrial-scale Battolyser system has been installed at the RWE Magnum power plant. The installation is an important milestone for European technology contributing to a sustainable energy supply.

The RWE Magnum power plant is one of the largest power plants in the Netherlands and will use the hydrogen produced by the Battolyser system to cool its generators. The technology that is being installed is the latest generation Battolyser. The cells are designed for systems with an electrolyser capacity of 1 to 5 megawatts and an equal number of megawatt hours of energy storage capacity. The project was realized thanks to a grant from the Wadden Fund and the consortium partners: Vattenfall, Orsted, Yara, BASF and Pronton Ventures. RWE joined the consortium when the power plant was acquired from Vattenfall.

A Battolyser is a combination of a battery and a hydrogen generator (electrolyser) in one device. As a result, the system contains the functionality of both an electrolyser and a battery. As soon as the system’s battery functionality is charged, the Battolyser can use the excess electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be used for industrial applications, for instance, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If there are shortages on the grid, a Battolyser can also deliver the stored electricity back to the grid. This makes the produced hydrogen greener and at the same time cheaper. The setup at RWE will be used to simulate long-term volatile price scenarios. When electricity prices remain low, the Battolyser will continue to charge and produce hydrogen. However when prices rise, the Battolyser will immediately stop producing hydrogen and sell the stored electricity.

“It is a logical choice for us to invest with our consortium partners in the first industrial-scale Battolyser system. We are increasingly investing in renewable energy sources and see hydrogen as an essential link to the energy transition,” says Marinus Tabak, Head of Central Asset Management at RWE. “The technology of the Battolyser system enables a sustainable and more efficient energy system. This way we can reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy supply.”

Mattijs Slee, CEO at Battolyser Systems: “RWE is an important partner for us. Thanks to the installation, we prove in real-life that the unique functionalities of the Battolyser system are safe and can be implemented on an industrial scale.”

Watch the video about the first Battolyser® on industrial-scale:

About Battolyser Systems
Battolyser Systems is a Dutch technology company and the inventor of the world’s first switchable battery electrolyzer. The company was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology and is based in the Netherlands. Battolyser Systems has received funding from the Dutch government, as well as private investors.

The Battolyser is a combination of a battery and a hydrogen generator (electrolyser) in one device. The Battolyser works by using excess electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The electricity generated can be fed back into the grid when there are shortages. This makes the hydrogen produced greener and cheaper. In addition, the system fully complies with all current and future green European hydrogen legislation.

The Battolyser has many possible applications, including balancing the electricity grid and producing truly green and low-cost hydrogen. The technology has the potential to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels and make renewable energy more practical and efficient. The company is currently developing a mass production plant that will be operational in the first half of 2025. More information about Battolyser can be found at: and LinkedIn.