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Casper Scheltinga

Time shift is a supplier of energy storage systems for industrial applications. These energy storage systems provide flexibility for systems services such as primary reserves and supporting renewable energy sources.

All our systems are supplied with 2nd-use EV batteries. This gives used batteries from electric cars a good second application for storing sustainable energy. Besides that our product has a very low CO2 footprint.

Our standardized battery package of 2nd-use EV batteries is 120 kWh. Our systems are available from 50 kW with a battery package of 120 kWh. The systems are mainly offered for lease where energy storage is then offered as a service.

Our customers use our systems for off-grid applications (whether or not in combination with solar panels or diesel aggregates), peak shaving of network connections to reduce connection values, Primary Reserve service from TenneT and UPS / back-up facilities.

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