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Energy storage can support the EU’s plans for Energy Union by helping to ensure energy security, a well-functioning internal market and helping to bring more carbon-cutting renewables online. By using more energy storage, the EU can decrease its energy imports, improve the efficiency of the energy system and keep prices low by better integrating variable renewable energy sources.

The EU is addressing these new challenges in the energy system by promoting innovation in key technologies and developing suitable market rules. Technological innovation in storage falls under the Horizon 2020 programme and the Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

The energy market has not kept pace with technological progress. Factors slowing the development of energy storage technologies include administrative barriers, access to grids and excessive fees and charges. To initiate a discussion on these topics and on required market rules, DG ENER opened up a special web section to foster the dialogue on energy storage.

The Commission held a Roundtable on Energy Storage and is working further to develop a more cost-effective energy system including also storage solutions. A proposed definition and principles for energy storage have been drafted to support this work.

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