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How nice would it be if we could store our sustainable energy in a battery of water and salt?
AquaBattery's mission is to develop, build and maintain sustainable and innovative battery concepts. Founded in 2014, AquaBattery is now a team of 9 young engineers, technicians, designers and analysts.

We develop two types of durable, safe and environmentally friendly batteries, both of which work on the basis of water and table salt. AquaBattery’s first type of battery (Blue Battery) is based on differences in salt concentrations. The osmotic energy that is released per liter of water when fresh and salt water is mixed is equal to the energy from a reservoir of 1000 meters fall height with the same amount of water. With the help of membranes, the energy can be converted into concentration differences and mixed again at a later time, resulting in energy return. This concept is currently being tested in a pilot of 10 kWh.

A second type of battery (Green Battery) also makes use of a pH difference, so that the energy density and power density can increase by a factor of 8 more than with the Blue Battery. In addition, AquaBattery has expertise in installing and implementing existing sustainable battery concepts, such as NiFe batteries.

Blue Battery

Situatie gesloten systeem

The saltwater battery technologies developed by AquaBatttery have won multiple awards, including the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award, the Accenture Innovation Award and a finalist of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.