Adres gegevens:
Horsten, 1, 5612 AZ, Eindhoven


Contact persoon:
Mark Boneschanscher
[email protected]



EIRES enables a CO2-neutral energy system by developing solutions that deliver the energy transition to people’s homes in a manufacturable, scalable, and affordable way.

The world faces the enormous challenge of simultaneously de-fossilizing the energy, transport and (petro-)chemical sectors. Efficient conversion between energy carriers is the key technology that will enable this massive, global overhaul. A massive change does not require huge equipment, however. Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the Brainport region have unique strengths in high-tech systems and materials. EIRES leverages these strengths to develop smart, fridge-scale systems that can scale through numbers, not size.

Our approach is based around societal impact: working on fundamental challenges underlying the development of systems with the potential for rapid upscaling and market penetration. That is why we promote academic research driven by societal challenges, with close partnerships between academia and the high-tech manufacturing industry in the region. We facilitate the collaborative development and swift deployment of new technologies and devices by bringing together researchers from different departments of TU/e that are working on materials, systems, and processes for energy storage and conversion.

Our research focuses on modular scalable systems that enable steep learning curves, fast technology deployment, and rapid integration in the energy system. Typical examples are electrolyzers, fuel cells, (redox flow) batteries, or modular systems for heat storage and transport. This also generates new business in the region, as we collaborate closely with the local high-tech start-ups, spin-outs, and manufacturing industry, as well as end-users and societal stakeholders.