Adres gegevens:
Zwaluwlaan, 8, 2566 JR, Den Haag


Contact persoon:
Pjotr van Schothorst
[email protected]


PVS Investments

Who are we?
Pjotr van Schothorst, private-investor in climate tech startups, including battery technology. Investments are running through my company PVS Investments. We invest in climate tech start-ups. Not just money, but also
 practical advice and assistance, for example to get a solid business plan in preparation of the next funding round.

What do we do?
We invest in startups who bring new technology to the market, who can realize a reduction in CO2.

Which projects have we realized?
In the last 4 years we have invested in 15 startups, including 4 battery related. We have done this for startups with innovative clean energy production solutions (Oceans of EnergyRenaissance Fusion), battery technologies (LeydenJarEexionDelft IMP), e-mobility (Tiler), green chemicals (H2Pro) and precision fermentation (Brevel). Each of these has the potential to disrupt their industry when scaled up.

If you are the founder of a similar company in the climate tech space, looking for (pre-) seed funding, please send us your pitchdeck, or make contact through linkedIn.