Adres gegevens:
Posthoornstraat, 17, 3011 TK, Rotterdam

+46 73 651 50 12

Contact persoon:
Hampus Jildenbäck
[email protected]


Flower Infrastructure Technologies BV

FLOWER unleashes flexibility from assets capable of energy production, consumption and storage, using advanced statistical models. By pooling assets together, FLOWER maximises the value of each watt.

Founded in 2020, FLOWER’s mission is to facilitate the energy transition. In 2021 the company won the award ‘Startup 4 Climate’, Northern Europe’s largest impact competition. Today it has signed more than 114 MW of BESS, 70 MW of solar and 200 MW of wind. FLOWER creates value through our industry-leading technology, a fully customizable software that unlocks the full potential of each asset in our Power Refinery portfolio and, more recently, with our BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) project development.