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Shohib Kabir
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At Withthegrid, we help you unlock the full potential of your energy assets in an efficient, secure and compliant manner.

Whether it’s batteries, solar panels, or wind turbines, the Teleport Gateway allows you to connect all your energy assets (ranging from 100kW to utility scale 30MW+) to the cloud. This integration enables flexibility and centralized control through a single API.

With controllability, you’re now able to:

  • Optimize the charging and discharging of your batteries,
  • Remotely switch-off or adjust the output of your assets,
  • Access a variety of services, including curtailment, ancillary market trading (FCR, aFRR), or the integration of a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS),
  • Ensure compliance with the latest Realtime Interface legislation.

Already more than 600MW of flexibility have been unlocked with the Teleport.

Curious to learn more?
Visit our Teleport webpage or reach out to us directly . We’re here to help you navigate the possibilities for your energy assets.