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About us

Batenburg Energietechniek provides engineering, product design, consultancy and energy technical products to our clients in the markets of power suppliers, rail infra and industry. Within these markets, we have been able to work on many great projects, including Amalia wind farm, the Betuwe and the APM terminal. In addition, we are often at the forefront of technical innovations. In this way we help the client to take the next step.


Our strength

We operate close to our customers and suppliers. Our employees work daily in the interest of the customer. This leads to long term relationships. So we give our customers, in addition to offering products, primarily advice about developments. Thus it often happens that we sit at the design table for technical innovations and the term custom-made is no stranger to us.


Our markets & range

We provide energy solutions to various markets: Network Enterprises, Power generation, industry, Onshore and Offshore and rail infrastructure. We deliver since the 60's to Dutch energy companies such as Stedin, Enexis, Alliander and Delta. For example, products for generating renewable energy. We also provide a full range of products to the industry. From cable shoes until fully fitted substations. We are also active in the offshore and marine and shipping where we supply the whole chain of transformer safety materials and we are prescribed by ProRail in rail infrastructure with a wide range of products.

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Batenburg Energietechniek is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Batenburg Energietechniek installs transformatorstation in Oss


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