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Future-proof solution for the southwestern delta

DELTA21 is a daring, unique and visionary project in the best traditions of Dutch hydraulic engineers.
Thanks to a smart spatial design, three ambitions are realized in one go: Flood risk management, Energy storage and Nature restoration. This does not only mean an important concretization for the National Climate Agreement, it also absorbs a considerable sea level rise for the Netherlands and restores nature in and around the Haringvliet.

Total plan for energy, water and nature

DELTA21 is not looking for the solution for water safety and sea level rise in raising the dikes, but in discharging the water with the help of large pumps. On average, however, the pumps only are needed 2 hours per year. The remaining time we use the 1.8 GW pump capacity for the temporary storage of energy and much surplus wind energy is still being used.

DELTA21 as a logical addition to the Delta Program Commissioner's dike enhancement program. By choosing the Haringvliet as the location for the plan, it also offers a solution for the long-cherished wish to restore the salt tide in the Haringvliet. As a result, fish migration between the North Sea and the rivers also returns.