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Dr Ten BV ( is a small, growing, applied development company specialized in product, process and project development within the market of water, energy and health. It has about five employees. The company was started by Marnix ten Kortenaar after he finished his PhD in applied electrochemistry at TU Delft and worked eight years in product development at Essent Renewables, FrieslandCampina and DSM.

Dr Ten runs different projects on own strength, on consultancy base and in consortia/subsidiy structures. Products that have been prepared so far are a new solar water purification system, polymer iceplate composites, lubricants, lipid powders and different prototype batteries and fuel cells. One of these prototype developed into a new battery called the seasaltbattery. It can store solar energy, wind energy or grid energy at lowest costs with green materials. Different innovation prices were won and the sea-salt battery is under field testing, manual production for demonstration projects has started. The sea-salt battery is made from sea-salt and other relatively clean materials. It can be fully discharged more than 7000 times at low costs as it has low cost materials. Prices below 150 euro/kWh are aimed upon for mass production and successful field testing.