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E-ENERGYSTORAGE works right in the middle of the energy transition and represents renown international battery and system manufacturers that are leading in the electrification transition and are growing and innovating. We have advanced industrial battery solutions, can provide custom-made power converters and innovative connections and we support you with practical solutions.


Partners & products

  • FORSEE POWER: Intelligent modular battery systems
  • RGM: Custom power supplies & conversion systems
  • Gustav Klein: Intelligent converters for smart grid
  • John Deere: Electronic Solutions leading-edge inverter technology and rugged Power Electronics
  • NG3: Innovative solutions for automated connection between ship & shore with shore-power, automated mooring and LNG

E-ENERGYSTORAGE works as sales agent in The Netherlands and Belgium and for specific projects also in other European areas. We are the expert connection of direct contacts between our customers and factories. No added margins but added value, no added risks but added insights, no added communication but added understanding, no diversions but to the point. Not more and harder, but better and smarter!



There are important characteristics and requirements for the different markets and crucial is the connection with the development of batteries and converters where knowledge and attention can let technology excel. The cross-over usage of products in different markets is possible by an overview on markets with insight into products and an understanding of the applications.

  • Transport
  • Industry
  • Marine
  • Grid
  • Portable
  • Mobility

Our specific knowledge of both applications and products and especially the access to that knowledge is important for the many successes.



E-ENERGY STORAGE can also support you as an experienced partner with consultancy for all matters related to energy storage systems and technical solution variants. We advise what components, systems, batteries and combinations are optimal for a specific profile. In order to do this well, we determine the critical parameters such as the desired energy performance and the cost. A comparison of different technologies and their effect on the application can be presented upon request.