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Emmett Green is concerned about global warming. How great would it be to help reduce CO₂ levels to 49% by 2030? But we must act now and stop talking, studying and piloting.
Time for change.

Storage is essential for the energy transition. We believe in decentralized systems so that we can also use locally generated energy there. Once we form collaborative clusters around energy, it gets really interesting. Produce, transport, store and use together with united forces. This eliminates the need for complicated systems for expensive transport. Electricity storage is also one of the pillars of Emmett Green. By making the electricity grid flexible, we can help to balance supply and demand. This makes it less necessary to invest in expensive infrastructure or large connections.

Emmett Green is a start-up with specialists. We create, develop, build and operate battery and energy management systems. We do this from a mix of technical content, corporate finance and entrepreneurship. We bring parties together who cannot get the business case conclusive independently of each other. We deploy our contacts and partners, at home and abroad. And, because we believe in what we do and are involved with you, we co-invest.

We do this with our powerful benchmark tools and business case models. These provide clear technical and financial underpinnings for powerful decision-making. We are investors, but can also provide advice and project management. Emmett Green approaches the energy transition differently. We take our own responsibility for the climate. Will you join us?