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Bob Weehuizen [email protected]

Whether you need an application built from the ground up, or an existing application upgraded, we can help you. Our team consists of talented engineers, developers, process designers and project managers who will develop and execute a proposed plan, to meet your requirements, and exceed your expectations.


Terminal concepts

Proton Ventures BV is experienced in building and running pressurized and refrigerated ammonia terminals. Furthermore, it has experience in storage concepts for chemicals and liquid fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture. However, handling dangerous goods requires up-to-date technology and hands-on support by the engineering contractor(s). Proton Ventures BV provides this support as a mix of innovation, practical experience and operational know-how.



NFuel concept is based on the decentralized production of ammonia, facilitating customers to be independent of transport costs and fluctuations of the ammonia price. Furthermore, ammonia can be produced from renewable electricity sources (green ammonia) or using feedstock such as natural gas, biogas or flare gas.



Outsourcing utilities, such as steam production systems, cooling water systems, nitrogen production, fire water systems and air systems.


Project implementation

Proton Ventures BV offers a range of project implementation services to ensure that customer’s business has the best-suited and the most effective approach in place. From feasibility studies, engineering, procurement to construction services, we have the know-how and resources to implement your projects.


Training and other services

We provide customized training (operations) for our clients. We execute specific safety studies such as Hazop’s and Safety management systems.