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We are Repowered

Renewable energy at the right time, at the right place and against the right price. That is our mission.

We are moving from a traditional central demand-driven energy system to a decentralised supply-driven system. The further integration of non controllable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, creates an increasing need for flexibility solutions. Repowered develops and implements flexibility solutions close to the source.

Repowered was founded in 2019 by Jeroen van den Berg, Dirk Jan Masselink and Gerard Martinus. Together we have over 50 years of experience in the energy sector and joined forces to develop concrete flexibility solutions for the energy market of the future. From our office in Groningen, we support governments, companies and local energy initiatives to shape the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Our expertise focuses around energy storage, conversion/hydrogen and demand response.  Through our Flexcheck we provide insight into the location-specific possibilities and opportunities for storage, conversion or demand management. From there we work towards a concrete project proposal, and become really enthusiastic when we can actually realize the project. Repowered has extensive expertise in technical, financial and regulatory areas.