Energy Storage NL wants to convene companies, knowledge institutes, governments, and financiers to create sustainable business cases for energy storage that contribute to a successful transformation towards clean, reliable, and affordable energy.


  • Energy Storage NL is the central platform for knowledge and “best practices” in the field of energy storage in the Netherlands.
  • A mature market for energy storage and conversion in The Netherlands.
  • The removal of legal and regulatory barriers hamper the development of energy storage and conversion technologies.
  • A market model that, at any given time, reflects the value of flexibility (both central and decentral).
  • A level playing field for all technoligical options that can provide flexibility in the energy system.


Energy Storage NL

  • organises regular meeting with a sophisticated network consisting of manufacturers, developers, academics, research institutes, (energy) companies and system operators active in the field of energy storage;
  • brings the theme Energy Storage to attention in politics, in the media and at events;
  • initiates and contributes to projects and studies on the application of energy storage;
  • add Dutch input to the European activities of EASE;
  • promotes the knowledge, products, and services of Energy Storage NL participants.