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Global Smart Grid Federation’s worldwide view gives electrical storage in power grids a real economical chance, if regulation is willing to assist.  GSGF published a report on electrical storage in power grids, assessing the possibilities of battery storage in the  electrical grid as viable, on a global scale. GSGF envisions that batteries will be firstly used for frequency control, followed by local peak shifting. When this happens, battery

production should increase and costs should decrease, creating opportunities to use batteries for other applications as well, such a microgrids and renewable energy integration use. However, in the end regulation will decide on whether GSGF’s outlook on this technology becomes real or not. So far batteries are often seen as too expensive to make economic sense in comparison with existing solutions. GSGF’s work group on Battery Storage in the Electrical Grid however showcases in this whitepaper that there are already market conditions in several countries, where batteries can thrive as a solution for grid issues. On the other hand, it is also clear that further development is necessary

to improve integration of distributed multiple batteries into the system control.


Energy Storage NL contributed to this report. The report can be downloaded from our website.


Further information on Global Smart Grid Federation:


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